Deansfield Choir have won at the Beckenham Festival today for the fourth year running.
Well done to everyone!

Competing against 7 choirs, Deansfield won the choral shield again.

In the Unison class, the choir were awarded joint first with Blackheath High.

Some comments from the Adjudicator:

"A lovely unified opening, with a very pure tone. Very effective and secure part singing, and some beautiful dynamics particularly in the last verse. A very pleasing performance."

"A lovely opening solo – well done. When the choir entered  - this was really beautiful – gentle, and with an excellent sound. Diction was always clear.....Some very expressive faces too."

"Another performance with a lovely tone, and you created the atmosphere."

"A good contrast. You managed all the words clearly at a fast tempo – very well done. Excellent intonation."

"A delightful change of mood, which you captured immediately. Musical phasing – you made the words make sense (not breathing in the middle of a ‘sentence’). Beautiful dynamics, always controlled."

"A very disciplined choir, with excellent tone and balance. Well done and thank you."