World Book Day POSTPONED

Deansfield will be joining the World Book Day celebrations on Thursday 1st March with activities that celebrate our love of books and reading.
Everyone in the school, including staff, will be invited to dress up as their favourite character in a book. This has always proven to be an exciting way to immerse ourselves in the books we enjoy. (Crown Woods Dance children can come to school as their favourite book character but will need their uniform to change into to go to Crown Woods.)
There will be a whole school assembly where teachers and children will be encouraged to share passages from their favourite books and discuss books that have been memorable to them.
We will have a ‘book swap’ throughout the day. If they wish, children can contribute one book they are happy to swap with someone else. If they contribute, they will be able to select someone else’s to keep. In order that we have enough age-appropriate books, we ask that children only bring in books aimed at their own age group. Please note that this is a permanent swap so please don’t send any books that you wish to be returned.
Thank in advance for your support. World Book Day is a really memorable event for children and important in encouraging a life-long enjoyment of books.