Massive start to Science Week

Returning from half term holiday, everyone was amazed when they entered the Dairsie Hall which had been completely taken over by a huge inflatable dome, a planetarium. It was a massive start to Science Week at Deansfield which every pupil in the school had the chance to experience. Climbing in through the slit of a doorway, different year groups entered the dome which transported them into space where, depending on their year, they learnt about space shapes, the moon, the solar system and other galaxies. Year 3 even dived under the sea and learnt about food webs and coral reefs. Everyone left the dome with plenty to talk about!

"We went to the moon today in a rocket." Nursery.

"The rings around Saturn are made of ice." Nursery.

"I liked it when the roof opened and there were lots of stars." Reception.

"I saw inside of space." Reception.

"I felt like I was in the rocket when it moved." Reception.

"Jupiter is full of clouds and you couldn't live there." Reception.

"The planets don't twinkle in the sky at night." Year 2.

"Neptune is made out of gas." Year 2.

In assembly, Mrs Gordon introduced Science Week with a story told by Ancient Greeks to explain the origin of one of the star constellations; a story told before the advent of radio telescopes and computer technology.

During the rest of the week there are more science experiences planned ... look forward to reading more!


Thank you to Mario from Immersive Theatres for a brilliant start to our Science Week.
Click here for the Immersive Theatre website