Varjak Paw

Class 4PW dramatised the story of Varjak Paw in their assembly. Varjak, picked on by his feline family, wants to leave the safety of the house and explore the garden. The other cats know that Mesopotamian Blue cats are house cats and do not venture into the garden. Varjak, of course is a very odd cat with amber, not green, eyes so what can one expect! The assembly, which illustrated the theme of belonging, included some creative writing and a fantastic dance.
Well done, 4PW!

The video of the assembly is on eSpace. Pupils have their login details so they can share the assembly with families and carers.
There is a link to the eSpace website on the Pupil Voice tab of this website.
When you have logged on, hover over the words Deansfield eSpace and click on Visit site, just below . Then click on the word Assembly. On the page that opens click on Summer Term 2018 class assemblies. Enjoy watching!

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Diary entry read in assembly:

Dear Diary,

I have had a nightmare of a day! I have been bullied by King Julius (as usual). I feel like a pebble being thrown into the deep, sparkling ocean. As always, I am treated like the outsider. Green over orange! Just because I'm the odd one out doesn't mean they have to pick on me. Why does this always happen to me? Do they even realise how this makes me feel? On top of all this, Julius tormented me by not letting me play his kittenish games. He said I wasn't part of my family anymore. Although this house is comfortable, I feel like I am trapped when all I want to do is go outside and explore. I'm heating up with rage. I feel so fed up!​