The Mousehole Cat

Class 2Q dramatised the story of The Mousehole Cat in their assembly. They had learnt their lines well and spoke in clear voices so that everyone could enjoy the legend of Tom Bawser, a Cornish fidherman, who, with his cat Mowser, braves the storms to bring fish back to the villagers in the coastal fishing port.
Dancers conveyed the dramatic scene when The Storm Cat churns up huge waves which were eventually calmed by Mowser's singing.

Read the description of the event by one of the class:


"One frightening day, a powerful storm cat attacked. The howling wind blew and the waves crashed against the rocks. In the gloomy sky, there was heavy rain, unpleasant and terrifying for the fishermen. However, the storm cat could not reach the Mousehole. Suddenly, the roaring, crackling lightning took a breath. Minutes later, it had stopped and just hovered."

A great assembly, 2Q. Well done!

The video of the assembly is on eSpace. Pupils have their login details so they can share the assembly with families and carers.
There is a link to the eSpace website on the Pupil Voice tab of this website.
When you have logged on, hover over the words Deansfield eSpace and click on Visit site, just below . Then click on the word Assembly. On the page that opens click on Summer Term 2018 class assemblies. Enjoy watching!