Compass Parent Forum

Parents informing thinking
Schools exist in and for their communities and are an integral part of strong, resilient social networks that support young people to grow and flourish. At the Compass Partnership we want our schools to be the best they can be and to build on the collective aspirations of community stakeholders so that we meet the needs of our young people socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, culturally and academically. To do this we are establishing a Compass Parent Forum as parents will have a key voice in the development and improvement of our Trust and schools.
The Parent Forum will meet three times a year to:
● Feed back to senior leaders and trustees on the quality of education provided
● Feedback on and support the formation of key policies
● Develop and promote ideas and strategies for community engagement
● Support the ethos and values of the trust
The Parent Forum is a consultative, advisory group with the purpose of providing support and challenge to the Trust.
Where will the meetings take place?
Meetings will take place at the different Compass Partnership Schools and will rotate around each school so that parents can get to know the schools in the group.
What will be the duration of the meetings?
The meetings will be a maximum of two hours in length. They will take place in mornings or afternoons depending on group availability.
What will the meetings involve?
The meetings will enable consultation on policy, developments, and the impact of provision across the Trust. They will also provide a forum for the generation of ideas for school fundraising, extra-curricular activities and Trust-wide events.
Each school will elect two representatives to represent them for a two year period.

If you would like to learn more please speak to your school office for further details.
Nominations by 17th September and voting week 17th - 19th September.
The first meeting will take place in the Autumn term.

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