Educational visits and visitors

Most parents will be aware that Deansfield operates an extensive educational visits programme. For those parents new to the school, this programme is tailor-made to the educational curriculum and visits or visitors are arranged most half terms to enrich the curriculum’s specific requirements.
We have had an extremely positive feedback from those of you who were with us last year via Parent Questionnaires with regard to School Trips. We are very pleased that you agree with us, that the trips are good value for money, cover a wide range of curriculum areas, are well organised, with the children gaining a huge amount in terms of enjoyment and enrichment to their classroom work. When Ofsted visited last, they commented very positively that our enrichment programme had a positive impact on broadening pupil’s horizons.
We have a very exciting programme planned again this year for the children which can only proceed if you ensure your financial contribution towards the costs of the programme is made. The cost of the programme this year remains the same at £6.50 per half term, £13 per term and £39 per year.

We have costed the programme very carefully. Good housekeeping has meant that we hope to keep the programme charges the same as the last few years even though coach charges, when we need to book, have increased significantly. This means that we are even more reliant on each parent helping meet the cost of the programme. Please pay your contributions half termly on time preferably using the online AGORA system. If you wish to pay in advance, this is warmly welcomed as it reduces administration. If you do not have a bank account and are unable to use AGORA, cheques should be made out to Deansfield Primary School. If you have a problem signing in on AGORA, please contact the school office. For those parents new to the school, please bear with us until we issue you with AGORA registration details.

If you wish to make half term payments, please pay at the beginning of this period. If you have already made a payment, we thank you very much!

The School cannot meet a deficit cost from this programme; we need every penny from parents to ensure the programme proceeds as planned and the children enjoy the visits on offer. We will keep very close track of the contributions coming in during the year and we may, reluctantly, have to cancel visits arranged for the summer term if we cannot cover our costs.

If your situation requires it, we are happy to talk to you about an alternative payment schedule; please contact the school office who will be pleased to advise you.

Visits are about to start and we request your contribution without delay; if you pay by AGORA you will be giving your permission. If for some reason you wish to pay by alternative method, please ensure the permission slip on the letter below is completed and returned to the school reception by Monday 17th September. If we do not receive your signed permission slip, children may not be allowed to attend a visit. Some visits are due very soon, please ensure you complete your permission slip and make your payment without delay.

Thank you for your support.

Educational visits/visitors letter