Harvest assembly

We welcomed Reverend Liz to our Harvest Assembly on Thursday 11th October.
She came with an assortment of props which she used to tell a story about sharing, Stone Soup.
As the story unfolded a hungry traveller, who started with only a stone, soon had all the utensils and ingredients for a pot of soup due to the generosity of the villagers he met. There was enough soup for everyone in the story to share.
Our famlilies have been equally generous with the goods they have donated for our Harvest celebration. We had an amazing amount donated, far too much to go on the harvest table. Thank you to everyone.
The donated goods will be given to the Greenwich Food Bank to help those families in need in the local area.

At the centre of our Harvest table we had a traditional harvest loaf. During the afternoon the loaf was shared by all the children in the school. One of the two little mice made its way to the Headteachers' Office to join other mice from previous years!