Parent Workshops

To keep parents informed about teaching and learning at Deansfield we invite them to parent workshops.

In the Spring Term 2019,  the workshop program was:

Reception     Tuesday 29th January 9.15am
KS1 English  Wednesday 30th January 9.15am
Assessment  Wednesday 30th January 10.00am and 6.00pm

Computing   Wednesday 6th February 9.15am
KS2 English   Wednesday 27th February 9.15am
Y6 Sex Education Thursday 28th February 9.15am and 6.00pm

KS1 Maths    Thursday 7th March 9.15am
Y5 Sex Education Thursday 7th March 6.00pm
Y5 Sex education Friday 8th March 9.15am
KS2 Maths    Thursday 14th March 9.15am

We appreciate that not all parents are able to attend workshops, due to other commitments, so information from the workshops is available on the links below.
There are further documents on the Maths and Literacy pages.