Core Priorities 2018-2019

Ensure the culture and curriculum of the school supports children to keep themselves safe, both emotionally and physically, within an inclusive community which promotes understanding and respect for others.
Further improve inclusive Quality First Teaching by developing teacher pedagogy and use of provision to ensure all groups of learners make good or better progress from their relative starting points.
Ensure the Deansfield curriculum enables our children to engage in deep and relevant learning with high quality outcomes.
Embed the five principles of cognitive acceleration within the teaching culture, improving children’s ability to think well and enabling them to become independent and successful learners and ensuring that 85% of children reach combined with at least 40% exceeding this.
To nurture and further develop a strong sense of community for our school through strengthening relationships within the school and the wider community.
To further deepen teacher pedagogy and subject knowledge through the development of a co constructive approach to staff learning.