No after school choir rehearsals week beginning 11th March

No after school choir rehearsals week beginning 11th March.

Chamber Choir Performance at Celebration of Singing at Blackheath Prep School
4 St Germans Place, London SE3 ONJ

Thursday 14th March, 2 – 3.30pm

THERE IS NO AFTER-SCHOOL REHEARSAL ON TUESDAY! Instead we will be rehearsing on Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes.

Here are the arrangements for next week’s performance:

What to wear:  it is our World Book Day on the same day! Children should come to school in their costumes, but also bring their school uniform to change into before we go to the concert.

Existing Chamber Choir members need to wear their CHOIR TOPS.

Year 3 children need to wear their school uniforms (white top and skirt/trousers if possible)

Eating: Children will eat their school dinners or packed lunch before we go.

Travelling: We will leave school at 12.45pm and travel on the 286 bus to Blackheath, and be back at school for 4.30pm

Audience: If you are coming to watch, please be at school by 12.45 so you can travel with us. I have free tickets for you – please collect them from me when you arrive. You cannot take photos at the performance – there will be an official photographer and the photos will be sent to school.

Pick up: If you are not coming, please be at school for 4.30pm to pick up your child.