Book characters take over Deansfield!

There was great enthusiasm from pupils and staff on Book Day at Deansfield. An amazing variety of book characters arrived at school, some harder to guess than others! During the day there was a special assembly, sponsored reading, a book swap and reading buddy sessions. The huge book stands from Scholastic were opened as the Book Fair started.

In assembly, Mrs Goldsmith explained about our reading challenge.

We have signed our school up to the 200 million minutes reading challenge, which is a national incentive to get young people engaging in reading. The aim is for children to log their reading minutes of each day. At the end of the week the teacher will gather all the minutes the children have read and submit them online. The challenge will begin on 14th  March and end on Tuesday 2nd April. The class who have collected the most amount of reading minutes will be rewarded with a prize.

There are more photos on class pages.