Year 6 visit to Creekside Discovery Centre

Class 6BH will be visiting Creekside Discovery Centre on Tuesday 21st May. Class 6L visit on Wednesday 22nd May.

This will be a non-uniform visit.  The advice from the centre is:

You don't need any special clothes for visiting the Creek. Layers of old, warm clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty are best.
Bring spare clothes to change into in case you get wet (Joggers/leggings and a change of socks).

Colder weather:
Do wear layers of old, warm clothes.
Do bring gloves and wear a hat.
Do wear a warm coat. We have a stock of waterproofs to cover your coat.
Do bring additional thick socks to keep your feet warm.
Avoid coats that are long (particularly below knee length), as they will dangle in the water.
Don't wear skirts, as they are difficult to wear with waders.

Hotter weather:
There is a constant breeze down the Creek so bring a fleece or long sleeved T-shirt.
Wear sunscreen lotion.
Wear a hat with a brim.
Don't wear skirts, as they are difficult to wear with waders.
Do bring socks to wear inside the waders.
Bring a refillable bottle of water for drinking during your visit. (Water/ food cannot be taken into the creek.)

Creekside have lots of pairs of waders (long wellies) which they lend people for wearing in the creek. They go from adult size 2 to size 13. If your feet are smaller, then bring extra socks to boost them up to size. To enter the creek everybody has to wear their ‘stylish’ waders. For walking around the centre and grounds, robust comfortable shoes / trainers are best.