Art Exhibition

Deansfield children have worked hard and had fun over the past two weeks using a wide variety of art skills and materials to produce stunning outcomes. They used the works of Mondrian, Kandinsky, Miro and Monet to inspire their festival bunting which enticed visitors to visit their art work.

Parents and carers were treated to amazing displays of work from each year group when they visited school for Open Day on 3rd July. Each display had a festival theme. You can see a flavour of the work in the slideshow below.

Nursery: Birthday celebrations
Painted canvas inspired by Monet’s water lily pond.

Reception: Respect Carnival.
Close observational drawings used to influence clay plaques. Caribbean colours have influenced our masks and bunting. Make sure you watch our dancing inspired by Soca music and listen to our reggae songs.

Year 1: Garden Festival and garden party
Snails and shells painted with bright colour and inspired by the work of Kandinsky. Oil pastels, watercolour and poster paint used with string and rice to add texture. Lillies painted and constructed using Willow and tissue paper inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.

Year 2: Mousehole Festival of Light
Recycled plastic used to construct houses and block printing used to create sea and sky. All put together to recreate Mousehole Harbour.

Year 3: Vesak Festival
Vesak lanterns carefully constructed using eco-friendly straws and tissue paper. Block printing used to decorate lanterns. Clay lotus flowers created layer by layer and decorated with pastel paint and PVA.

Year 4: Day of the Dead Festival
Modroc masks constructed and allowed to dry before painted using designs created in sketchbooks.
A large montage of a Day of the Dead mask created using oil pastels on black card.

Year 5: Coachella Music and Arts Festival
Paisley tear drop clay tile with intricate design painted with poster paint and PVA. Large butterfly wings constructed with willow and tissue paper and used in photos. Face paint designs created and applied by Year 5.

Year 6: Circle of life Festival
Headresses inspired by carnivals and sculpted using Modroc.
Serengeti canvases carefully painted using acrylic paint. Wildebeest puppets painted using designs inspired by African Print.

As you will see, the children were given amazing experiences in art over the past two weeks and none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for kind donations this year and our wonderful DPA for funding the resources needed for our exhibition. 

We would also like to thank the staff for providing a fantastic Art curriculum for our children in the past few weeks and being unafraid to get a little bit messy in class!

Thank you to the DPA for help with setting up the exhibition and for providing refreshments.

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to our children for producing some stunning pieces of Art work and being so enthusiastic in doing so.