Most uniform can be bought from local high street stores although we do expect you to purchase the grey jumper or cardigan from the School Reception.

White polo shirt which can be bought from school reception with the school embroidered badge. Plain white shirts, polo shirts or blouses from High Street shops can also be worn.  

Grey jumper or cardigan with green v-neck with the school badge available from the School Reception.


Grey pinafore dress, skirts, trousers or shorts available from high street stores.


Black shoes which should always be enclosed, not open toed, and flat or very low heeled. Heelies, all types of boots or shoes with toys inserted in the heels are not allowed on school premises.We are aware that some major retailers style their school shoes as trainers.These are acceptable but sports trainers are not.

Black socks must be worn to school (white socks may be worn with green and white checked summer dresses) Socks are available from high street stores (e.g. BHS, Asda). Girls may also wear black tights.


Green and white checked summer dresses may be worn in the summer term.


PE kit: White round neck T shirt and black shorts, with black plimsolls (please check they still fit) or black trainers.  If required, the School Reception has white round next T shirts available with the School Badge and black shorts. Black jog bottoms can be worn only if the children are doing outside PE and the weather is chilly.

PE Kit should be available, IN SCHOOL, throughout the week.
Please bring it in on Monday and take home on Friday for washing.
Please provide an appropriate bag with your child’s name clearly marked.
Please do not send carrier bags into school as they present a health and safety risk.

Book bags and PE bags
are available from the School Reception in the school colour.

Jewellery is not allowed in school; however children may wear a watch. Studs can be worn but the practice is not encouraged as all earrings represent a health and safety risk.  Studs must not be worn on PE days
The school cannot be responsible for any jewellery brought to school.

Please ensure ALL SCHOOL UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT IS NAMED, INCLUDING LUNCH BOXES. Lunches should NOT be brought into school in carrier bags.