Votes for Women!

In Class 4B's assembly, we jumped aboard a time machine with Tick and Tock and sped back in time to 1840 where we saw a very strict teacher who had different activities for boys and girls! We heard how children did not have a right to be educated as we do now and women did not have the right to vote. Back on the time machine we were whisked on to 1908 where we saw women suffragettes campaigning vociferously to have the right to vote which by the time we reached 1918 some women were able to do.
Well done, 4B, for showing us that in less than 200 years the rights of women and children have changed a lot.
What else might we find out if we could climb aboard Tick and Tock's time machine again?

The video of the assembly is on eSpace.

Pupils have their login details so they can share the assembly with families and carers.
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When you have logged on, hover over the words Deansfield eSpace and click on Visit site, just below . Then click on the word Assembly. On the page that opens click on Autumn Term 2019 class assemblies. Enjoy watching!