Year 5 Secondary Transfer

Dear year 5 families

I have created a PDF of presentation slides for this year's secondary transfer and have added notes of what I would say to you were we doing this in person.

Click here for PDF

I need to let you know that I haven’t heard back yet from Greenwich Admissions as they are running a reduced service. That means if there are any changes this year they are not included on this. If I do hear any different information I will let you know immediately via text and email. 

If this is your first experience of secondary transfer I know from personal experience how tense and worrying a time it can be. If you want to talk things through or have any questions please do ring me on the Deansfield phone number (02088501218) and I will happily go through any issues with you. It is hard to know how both the grammar tests and academy banding test may be run this year but I’m sure we will get more information on this nearer the time. Just make sure you are registered ( for the Bexley test if this is one of your choices. I hope this is helpful and do let me know if you have any questions,

Best wishes

Clara Daly

Head of School