Children increasingly use the internet and technology in their daily lives to learn, research, play and communicate. The online world is a useful place for young people to explore, with great opportunities for learning and creativity, but just like the real world there are risks and dangers that children should be aware of and which we should all act to protect them from. As a school we encourage the use of technology as an important part of our students’ development but always want them to spend their time online safely.




Safer Internet Day 2019 was on 5th February. During the week Years 3 to 6 took part in workshops on cyber-bullying, provided by Big Foot Theatre.





In our Computing lessons at school we support children to be safe online at home as well as at school. The websites below have information for parents with activities  for children to reinforce E-safety learning.

There was a parent workshop about On-line safety on 6th February 2019.
Information from the workshop