The School Day

Since returning to school post-COVID closure Deansfield are operating staggered start and finish times. These are subject to change but parents will be informed of any changes as they occur. Consequently, the current situation differs from our normal hours which are detailed below.                                           

   Gates open 8.45. Members of staff at gate.      

  Reception Main School
8.45am doors open
Morning Nursery
8.50 - 9.00
Staff greet Reception classes at door
8.50 - 9.00
Teachers welcome children in classroom
    9.05 Registers close
    9.00-10.30am Morning Session 1
    10.30-10.45am Assembly
    10.45-11.00am Playtime
11.45am End of Morning Nursery 11.00am-12noon Morning Session 2 11.00am-12.10pm Morning Session 2
  12.00noon-1.15pm Lunch 12.10-1.15pm Lunch
Afternoon Nursery

1.15pm Registers taken 

  1.15-2.30pm Afternoon Session 1 1.15-2.15pm Afternoon Session 1
  2.15-2.30pm Playtime 2.15-2.30pm Playtime
  2.30-3.25pm Afternoon Session 2 2.30-3.30pm Afternoon Session 2
3.45 Afternoon Nursery ends

3.25pm End of school day

3.30pm End of school day

Teachers dismiss class in playground 
Members of staff at gate