Goodbye ...

The last day of term was time to say goodbye and good luck to some staff at Deansfield.

Mrs Drislane first came to Deansfield for a few weeks but returned as a class teacher last September, teaching in Year 4. We would like to thank her for the contribution she has made to our school and wish her the best in her new teaching post.





Mrs Ackermann has been at Deansfield for 5 years. After taking maternity leave she has decided on a career break. We will miss her enthusiasm and thank her for the work she has done to promote learning at Deansfield. Everyone will remember the Science Week she organised focusing on solving a crime, the disappearance of an iPad! We hope she enjoys the time spent with her family.




We also said goodbye to two members of staff who are going to be seconded to other schools in the Compass Partnership, Mr Leslie and Mr Wilson. They have both worked at Deansfield in class teacher and leadership roles, Mr Leslie as Assistant Head and Mr Wilson as Deputy Head, working to improve the teaching and learning at Deansfield. Thank you to both of them for their dedication and we wish them both success in their new leadership roles.



Lastly, we said goodbye to Mrs Arrows who is retiring from Deansfield after nearly 25 years. Mrs Arrows has been integral to the school having worked in class, in the office, as senior midday supervisor and in her resource support role. She knows every child in the school (and most of their lost jumpers) and their parents and her smiling face and caring ways will be sorely missed. Thank you, Mrs Arrows, for all you have done for children parents and staff in your time at Deansfield. We wish you a healthy and happy retirement.