FODS - Fundraising

Christmas Raffles
Thank you for your support.
Teachers were grateful for the donations to spend on their classes.
Here are some of their purchases.

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Fundraising to December 1st 2021, £13,000

2020/2021 Money Raised

£3,000 was raised from events and online raffles. We were unable to run all of our usual events and activities due to covid but hope to be able to do more in the coming year. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Digital hub
Fundraising to date £5840


2019/2020 Money raised
Events: £2,778
Cake sales: £866  
Total: £3,644

Sadly our fundraising activities were cut short in March 2020, due to the global pandemic and so we weren’t able to achieve the kind of fundraising totals that we have in previous years. We were planning to put the money raised towards the refurbishment of the ICT room, but this has been postponed. The event funds will still go towards this in due course, thank you to everyone who contributed and supported the DPA in 2019/20.

Going forwards our fundraising options are limited as we work within current government guidelines. We need to be creative in thinking of new ways to raise money for the school and we will really appreciate your ideas and ongoing support.

2018/2019 Money raised
Events: £6,163
Cake sales: £2,147  
Total: £8,310

The DPA donated £7,400 to the school. This money was spent on AstoTurf in the playgrounds, two new interactive screens for classrooms and all art materials for the school wide summer art project. The school really appreciates these donations which make a real difference and benefit all of our children, the DPA thank you for you ongoing support.


2017/2018 Money Raised

Events: £6,123
Cake Sales: £1,417 
Total: £7,540

The cake sales, run by parents from each year group, raise money that goes directly to teachers to spend in class. This is hugely beneficial to the teachers and children. This money was spent on books, seaside treats, mini beast equipment and small world toys. Thank you.

2016/2017 Money Raised

The DPA gave Deansfield School £5,750. The money was used, along with the donation of £5,000, from the year before, on climbing and playground equipment. The school is incredibly grateful for this equipment which helps all children to enjoy break times and come back into the classrooms refreshed and ready to learn. Thank you for all your help and contributions.