Pupil Voice

Children are central to everything we do at Deansfield and their contributions to school evaluation are highly valued and important to our development planning.

In the classroom, children engage in dialogue with teachers orally and by responding to the feedback given in their written work. Discussions in class are an essential part of the learning experience. Pupil comments, which express children’s current knowledge, their speculations and the questions they would like answered, can be seen in all classrooms on working walls. Children’s reflections on their learning are integral to displays of learning around the school and feature on many of our webpages.

There are many opportunities for pupils to contribute collaboratively to the development of the school.

We have an established School Council with representatives from Year 2 to Year 6. The School Council meet regularly and focus each term on projects that improve our school community and support charities. You can read more on the School Council page.

The Eco-Council, which includes staff and pupil members, gives children the opportunity to develop Deansfield as an eco-friendly community. They look at issues such as energy saving, sustainable travel and recycling. Further information can be found on the Eco Council page.

After a lengthy process and a rigorous assessment we were very pleased to be awarded the Bronze Anti-Bullying Quality Mark in 2017, in recognition of the work we have done to make our school a safe community for all our children.  This was achieved with the support of representatives from across our school community, including our Pupil Anti-Bullying Committee, members of teaching and support staff and parents.There are more details on the Anti-bullying Charter page.