Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2020 is on Tuesday 11th February.
Ahead of the day, there were two assemblies today.
Mrs Daly talked to the children in KS1 about making sure they kept their identities safe online and the children were all keen to tell her what they would do if they were not happy about anything which occured when they were online.
In the KS2 assembly, Miss Powell asked pupils about using filters, avatars and online usernames and there were plenty of volunteers to give her advice on how to keep online identities safe. She asked them to discuss, during the week, the responsibilities of having an online identity.

There are plenty of computing activities planned for year groups in the rest of the week from photo based advice bubbles and videos in KS1 to posters, presentations, Scratch pojects, podcasts and augmented reality stories  in KS2.

The children will be particularly switched on to on line safety this week so there will be plenty to chat about at home! Year 5 were heard talking about keeping on line banking details safe in a lesson today!