Celebrating Mother's Day

Class RH presented their first ever assembly to Mrs Daly and RT.
The theme was Mother's Day and they came up with ideas of how they could show the ladies who care for them how much they are appreciated. Breakfast in bed sounded like a very good idea to the adults listening!
They explained how everyone has an imaginary bucket filled with thought and feelings. When the bucket is full, then we feel happy but ,when it is empty, we feel sad. They sang a song about how we can help fill other people's buckets by smiling, holding hands, helping and being kind.
It helps to fill our buckets too!

Well done, RH. The rest of the school couldn't be there to watch today but, they can watch your assembly on eSpace and you can show it to your family and carers.

Pupils have their login details so they can share the assembly with families and carers.
There is a link to the eSpace website on the Pupil Voice tab of this website.
When you have logged on, hover over the words Deansfield eSpace and click on Visit site, just below . Then click on the word Assembly. On the page that opens click on Spring Term 2020 class assemblies. Enjoy watching!