We're back!

Dear Parents and Carers

Drop off

The children came in and lined up beautifully this morning and have had a happy and settled day in school. It has been absolutely fabulous having them in school.

Thank you so much for all your support, it made the first day back with the children as smooth as possible. There are just a few reminders and fine-tuning points.

Social distancing

Could everyone please remember that as adults there is a responsibility for parents to social distance at the school gates. We appreciate that it is busy and for the most part people were brilliant today, however, whilst it’s tempting to have a chat whilst you are waiting could you make sure you are at a safe distance.


Some families have siblings who have the same arrival time. We will ensure that staff are always in the playground on time so please be reassured that this means you can drop one sibling at one gate and have the 5 min window to get to the next gate.

One adult only

As per our request for only one adult drops the children, today we had some families with mum, dad and in some cases grandparents at the same school gate. This just increases the number of people we have to keep at a safe distance. Please just have one adult at each gate. We do understand that you may have siblings and have one adult with each child at different gates.

School crossing patrol

Please do not ask Julie any questions as within her role as crossing patrol she won’t have the information you are asking for and will also distract her from helping to keep you and your children safe. Please check the letters and emails sent (also on website) or look at the notices on the gates as to which gate your child has been allocated to enter and leave the school.


We will make sure that all school staff are always punctual and ready to go. Please note that the office phone lines will not be manned at drop-off and pick-up as office staff will be supporting at the gates for the first couple of weeks.


Pick-up was more difficult, we feel that this was partly down to us getting to know parents to ensure children were handed over safely; parents being here at the allocated time; and parents moving on as soon as they collect their child (if they have no siblings).

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the limited space we have outside the school, however, moving forward, we hope that within the next week, as everyone gets used to the procedures and the teachers are able to recognise parents and hand over children swiftly it will improve. We are going to keep this situation under constant review and will make changes where necessary. We will, as usual, keep you informed.

Once again thank you, considering how many new systems and routines everyone has had to get used to, drop-off today was really good and I’m confident that pick-up will quickly improve. The above points are really to improve our practices to ensure our school is a safe and happy place.

Best wishes

Clara Daly