DPA fundraising

The DPA have set up an Easyfundraising cause for the school which is no problem to join.

Every time you shop, a donation will be made to our cause so long as you go through the site before making your purchase.
If you are not already done so, please make sure you are signed up to be able to get your discount.

Mrs Huggett has downloaded the APP which she will click on each time she does an online shop. With one purchase last week she managed to raise 8 pence which put her 2nd on the leader board!! (only 4 supporters at that point) - every penny counts!

Since the DPA have announced this on Facebook, we now have 20 supporters and Mrs Huggett dropped to 4th!

With many of us doing online shopping in the next few months, we could raise lots of money at no cost to us.
As COVID restrictions prevent many of our normal fundraising activities, it would be lovely if as many of you could sign up so we can continue to work together for our school!

If you don’t want us all to see how much money you are spending online, you can change the name which appears on the leader board.

Click here for information about the Easyfundraising scheme.

Click here for Deansfield Easyfundraising details and link to get started