French Friday

Join us in school or at home to celebrate French Day on Friday 12th February.

Whether you are at home or in school you can wear can wear blue, white or red, the colours of the French flag. 

Teachers will be posting activities on Google Classroom for children to take part in together, or look at the websites below for fun things to learn about and do.

You can take part in as much as you like.

AMUSEZ-VOUS BIEN! - HAVE FUN! - ...and post a picture on your google classroom!

●Dress up in Bleu Blanc et Rouge, the colours of the French flag.
Learn a French game and play it with your family.
●Watch Horrible Histories French episode and write down 10 facts to tell your family. (KS2)Watch a tutorial and draw the Eiffel tower.
●Do some dancing. A French disco session from 5-a-day
●Make an Eiffel Tower paper model. (KS2)
●Watch a cartoon and learn to draw un chien
●Watch a French cartoon and listen out for any French words you recognise:


●Make some French food:

Why not plan ahead and make a French-themed meal? Some easy ideas to search for recipes are:

French breakfast:
Gratin de pommes de terre:
Mini chocolate croissants: