School mural

Great news! Our wonderful DPA have raised funds for us to use to create a school mural in the Summer Term. We need your children to use their creativity and help us design this.

A few years ago, Halstow Primary School worked on a successful project to create a school mural with amazing outcomes. They have kindly offered advice on creating our own school playground mural. 

Our theme for this project will be ‘Togetherness’.

This past year has seen us as a school separated: Children, staff and parents. We want to bring us all together soon but until then, we could do this through our project. Our aim is for every child to play a part in creating one mural. We will need your help too, parents, to support your children at home with their designs. This way, we can say that you also had a part in creating our school mural. 

The artist that we will use as an inspiration for our designs is Camille Walala. Her work is vibrant, colourful, bold and fun-just what we need in our playground!

Our aim is to paint two walls in the Key Stage Two playground. The walls will be separated into panels so that each class can work on one panel over a period of two weeks.

We would like the design to be created by your children so we have set a competition to design a panel for your class. The winner will have their design (or part of it if we cannot decide on an overall winner) recreated and enlarged onto our mural.

Each child will be given a piece of paper this week on which they can create their design. A powerpoint with this information will be uploaded by teachers for the Easter Holiday on Google Classroom.

Once your children have completed their design, could you ensure that they place their name and class on the back of their design. All complete designs will be collected in the first week back after Easter ready to be judged.

I hope your children enjoy making their designs and I look forward to seeing what they produce. Have a wonderful Easter Break.

Mrs Huggett (Art Lead)

Click here for PDF of powerpoint