DPA - Committee


The DPA committee is currently run by a Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer, all of whom are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held each academic year.  We currently have a vacancy for a Chair person. The committee members are all volunteers and are supported by year group reps. They meet regularly, around once or twice every half term, to discuss, plan and coordinate upcoming events. 

Everyone with a child at the school is welcome to attend DPA meetings and all support is very much appreciated. We rely on parent volunteers to help run events.


We are holding our AGM zoom meeting on Tuesday 10th November 7-8pm, login details will be posted on class WhatsApp groups and everyone is welcome to attend. We are especially looking for people to come along who would like to be a class representative this year. Class reps help to inform their classes about planned events and activities and help to engage and encourage participation and also attend DPA meetings and get involved in planning and sharing ideas. Each class needs to have at least one rep, but the more people that would like to get involved in this way the better. Please look out for details of the AGM and come along to become a class rep, you can also let us know if you are interested by emailing us at DPAdeansfield@gmail.com.


At the AGM the DPA committee roles will also be up for re-election. Currently there are 3 members of the DPA committee; Tracy (finance), Magda (secretarial), Kellie (comms). We would like to continue to serve on the committee to bring continuity and would love to expand the committee to include additional people. We are especially looking for someone to be our Chairperson and a key member of the team, who will liaise with the school and wider DPA group. We also really need help with becoming a charity and we are looking for someone who could focus on this specifically. If you have time to look into it or any experience with this then please get in touch, we would be very grateful. Any of the roles can be shared by more than one person, so please let us know if you are interested in helping out in this way. All committee members attend DPA meetings, contribute towards fundraising planning and take part in running activities, along with their own focused tasks. The main criteria for committee members is to be enthusiastic and have some time to give. We hope to see you at the AGM.

Committee members

Secretary - Magda Waldron

Treasurer - Tracy Parsley

Website and communications - Kellie Dare-Williams