Parents Evening Bookings

The parents evening booking system will be going live at 8am tomorrow morning. Please book your parents evenings for Reception to Year 6 via My Child at School (MCAS) under the 'Parents Evening' categoryNursery will hold their meetings later in the year.

Thank you to all the parents who completed the survey, there was an overwhelming vote for face-to-face meetings so both days will be in school. However, if you are not able to attend in person, please book the time slot you would prefer via MCAS and then contact the office as we will arrange a telephone meeting with your teacher.

We would like to ask for your help whilst we get used to MCAS . . . . we are receiving your messages sent via MCAS but don't receive the message you are responding to. Therefore, it would be very helpful if you could you mention your child's name, class and subject to give us some context for our response. 

Thank you for your patience in receiving a response to your messages, we are catching up now and will respond in a more timely manner.

If you need any assistance downloading the MCAS app and registering your account, please contact the office by phone, email or in person.

Thank you