Easter Litter Picking

As part of the ‘Keep Britain Tidy Big Spring Clean’ Deansfield have pledged to collect 200 bags of litter over the next few weeks.

Children may have seen a loom video about this challenge in class today, or it can be found on Google classroom.

200 bags works out as roughly only one bag per family! When we get back to school there will be a totaliser in the school where we can record our progress. This challenge will help us in our bid to earn an Eco Schools Green Flag Award!


The Loom video discusses important safety aspects when taking part in a litter pick, but I wanted to reiterate here the importance of:

  • children always litter picking with an adult,
  • wearing gloves and using litter pickers,
  • not collecting anything that might be hazardous or dangerous,
  • and washing hands thoroughly after litter picking and before eating or drinking.

More information about litter picking safely can be found here:


Litterpickers can be found cheaply online, they can be borrowed from the local council, or you may have a friend or family member who can lend you one. Alternatively, you may wish to club together with other families to purchase a couple to save both costs and energy!

I wonder how many bags we can collect as a whole school!

Have a fantastic holiday, and be safe!

Mrs Millar and the Eco Council